Its been a while

so much has happened

so much, has not.

yet the one thing that I never could hope for, is that it seems I have a friend who can take it – meltdown / confused statements / misinformation told to him that I said.

and still, for now and each glorious day that passes, I can call him friend. or maybe SuperHero would be more apt!

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Time to stop Non-Autistics deciding the fate of Us

There is this growing feeling being expressed by autistic people on Twitter than non-autistic people have no right to express opinions of what its like to be autistic, never mind be in a position of power to make decisions that effect them or even be the person to decide if one is autistic or not. Something that is supported by the two reports I have from the top Harley Street doctor whom is supposedly an autistic and PTSD expert and the person from the Maudsley.

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looks like i’ve been hacked!

wow, what are all these posts?

time for password change and some deleting me thinks.

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You want to know what its like to be fucking autistic?

Well you don’t. You couldn’t fucking take it. Your not fucking strong enough to hear from everyone you turn to for help:

“…what is for others, is not for you…”

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to report Social Services for abuse, go to the Council for Safeguarding, or even report it to the fucking police.

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How different would my life had been if I had known

Even though I knew I was different from the first week at school, it took until 2012 to get diagnosed as Autistic – also ADHD.
When I went running back, almost proudly as I finally had the proof that I thought would get me accepted by family, my mum’s sister came out with an amazing admission.
One, that if she had said 30 years ago, might have stopped me living this amazing life that I have.

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Asking for some help please

On Thursday I received a call from the Court, finally acknowledging that it accepts I am not typical and need help, only to put the ownus of explaining what help onto me.

This caused a massive implosion, which I am only just pulling myself back together from, three bottles of Burborn and but a couple of hours sleep per night, now. I have had a go at writing such an account. The game changer is what the users of Twitter did to help me through this time.

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Please read, it’s a beautiful piece of writing, understanding and hope.

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Site Migration

In true ADHD style, instead of doing the work I should be, I’m coming up with things to do that can justify not doing it.

Which means moving The Life, Autistic to this server, as that is really a project of the whole idea.

However, think the real reason is that new server allows better choice of font. Oh yeah, baby!

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Entitlements – Benefits / Laws / Other – Version One

Please excuse the rushnessed of this, I have so much information I’ve just gone into autistic overload at the thought I could be providing information to people whom deserve help – as thats what I’ve spent the last few years investing my life towards.

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Days 6&7

Had to take them off, if I am to become more than I was I need to learn from past mistakes.
All the pressure of sorting out money, being told I was getting it, to then not, to then being patronised has to have an effect on me, so I did as little as I could.
Which means I must have still done something just damned if I knew what.

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