How I have spent my first day at the new Motel…

After a real, proper, full night worth of sleep, I went outside to find it was a beautiful sunny blue sky. It was a lovely sight.
Walking over to the services I checked my bank account, to find that the Basingstoke Country Hotel had not transferred the refund that I am due.

Never mind, I then went to McD and got breakfast, returning to my room to enjoy on the bed with my cat.
The rest of the day was spent inside a room where I could not even open the curtains, never mind the windows, in case someone walked past and saw my cat – which I cannot afford the £10 a fee a day for or had the energy to try and convince yet another place that she should be regarded the same as a Guide Dog, as she is an Emotional Assist Animal, which according to the Equality Act should be treated the same as a Guide Dog.
After a call from Hampshire Court I found out that the papers had not hit the system yet, and in order to find out what was going on I had to call the Main Centre. Even if I had the credit, fortunately pre-warned, there is a huge menu system to navigate, before possibly getting to speak to someone – Autism would have kicked in and I would have risked a Meltdown.

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